Warriors  Sharpening  Warriors

About Us -

Blue Warrior Institute is a consortium of Police, Fire, EMS and Military professionals sharing knowledge and experience to better equip fellow Public Safety Warriors who stand that line between “us” and ‘them”.  

Here you will find a home of information, equipment, and fellow Warriors who desire to assist you in becoming more proficient in your craft.  95% of Public Service Professionals do not seek training outside of their mandated basic instruction. If your training is basic, so will your response be to threats. Thus goes our saying “Good enough Isn’t."

BWI was formed to give Public Service Professionals the tactical edge in real world combat situations. More specifically each course in the BWI program was organized to give Public Service Professionals the skills to control both armed and unarmed attacks that they will likely encounter during their duties. 

Though these courses were specifically developed for Public Service Professionals, BWI can provide Civilian and other Private Sector professionals modified versions of these curricula designed for their specific needs. 

The BWI team of Instructors feature a depth of knowledge difficult to find in any one location elsewhere. All BWI Instructors have a lengthy Military, Law Enforcement, Combat Grappling and/or Martial Art background (or a combination of the these). In addition, BWI Instructors not only have distinct areas of expertise but (and possibly even more importantly) they each have the capability to correctly convey the information they have spent years cultivating. We understand the information is only worthwhile to you if we can project it correctly.

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